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Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Teens in Achieving Their Personal Best

About Us

The Centre for Young Parents is a local non-profit and registered charity that supports pregnant and parenting young families (under 20 at the time of pregnancy and until the child reaches age 6) in Grande Prairie and the surrounding area. 

We offer non-judgmental, confidential, free support with dedicated, trained professionals.


Pregnant and Parenting Teens was created after a study by an independent research company in 1983 identified the need for educational instruction for pregnant and parenting adolescents in the South Peace School District. A management committee was formed with representation from the following agencies: South Peace Health Unity; Alberta Social Services and Community Health; Mental Health; Family and Community Support Services; and Planned Parenthood. The society was formed in 1986 and from 1987-1989 operated in a variety of settings. From the Mental Health building, to South Peace Health Unit, and also in the old provincial building.

In 1992, the Grande Prairie School District implemented a school outreach program (The Bridge Network Outreach School). The Bridge and Pregnant and Parenting Teens were co-housed in order to advance each other's efforts. Then, in 1995 Pregnant and Parenting Teens, along with the Bridge Network, were moved for the sixth time to the old Montrose School. Childcare increased to five afternoons a week and school course completion rose by 150% in five months. By 1998 the organization was moved for the seventh time. The Bridge Network and Pregnant and Parenting Teens took over the former "All for Fun" building. Meanwhile, the Grande Prairie Lions Club proposed a multi-use facility, now known as the Lions Learning Centre. In 2002 the organization had raised the funding to secure its place in its current home at the Lions Learning Centre.

Since 1985 staff has grown from one to ten with over 5000 volunteer hours. The organization continues to grow and change as the diverse needs of the Grande Prairie and area evolve. Now we offer support to mothers and fathers, have multiple groups, and provide free, drop-in childcare every day of the week. Staff, parents, schools and the community continue to see more young families doing better and achieving more!

In 2021, The Society for Support to Pregnant and Parenting Teens officially changed their name to Centre for Young Parents! 


A Community Where Uncertainty Meets Opportunity 


Centre for Young Parents empowers individuals by providing information and support to:

  • Facilitate judgement free decision-making regarding choices on pregnancy and parenting

  • Offer multi-level prenatal and postnatal care options

  • Maximize opportunities for learning, education or training

  • Gain knowledge of and access to community resources

  • Promote and strengthen healthy family connections

  • Encourage the development of individual strengths and self-determination

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