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Project Thrift Store, who operates under Centre for Young Parent charitable organization, operates in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.  Centre for Young Parents CYP, has been able to secure a facility to house the thrift store located at 9613, 98 Street. This space is provided in partnership with Northreach Society.  Through this partnership Northreach society will profit from the costs associated with leasing the space to CYP.  The space is 3,200 quare feet. It is centrally located for easy access on foot, public transportation or by private transportation.

            Project Thrift Store, will engage in retailing used apparel (Clothing, accessories and footwear), used books, used furniture (Furniture, kitchenware and home furnishings), used household appliances, used merchandise, used sporting goods and other used goods that are donated by the members of the public for the purpose of raising money for programming at Centre for Young Parents.

Let’s Work Together

9613 98th Street Grande Prairie, Alberta 

Tel: 780-538-3854

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